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A Personal Update

It’s been a few months since I thought much about this blog. That’s actually a good thing! I have had a lot going on recently with work and job hunting and gaining some perspective on my life. It’s a fun … Continue reading

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Tips For Eating Out

**EDIT: Somehow this post published its self without me telling it to and as a result was unedited. I fixed it. Sorry!**   It’s been a while since I posted anything about my weight loss journey. At my weekly weigh … Continue reading

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Hello Again

It’s been a while. Where did The Girl go? Did she fall off the face of the earth? Was she eaten by a mechanical laser-welding shark? No, although I think that would be a suitable way to kick the bucket. … Continue reading

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Back in the Saddle

Hello folks. Sorry for my awkward silence. Did you miss me? I missed me. Last week was a bad week in terms of working out and eating healthy. I was so busy I didn’t have the time (or, more accurately, … Continue reading

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It hasn’t been an easy week, if you’ll allow me a bit of understatement. I try to stay positive about things. It’s something my grandmother drilled into my head as a kid. Over the years I have come to understand … Continue reading

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Walking Woes (and other stuff)

I bought a very nice pair of Nike cross trainers but apparently they aren’t making nice with my feet. After a week of walking I had blisters the size of half dollar coins on my feet, one of which popped … Continue reading

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