A Tumblin’ We Will Go

I did it. I created a Tumblr website.

You know me, always one step behind the curve when it comes to this social media thing. If you are a Tumblr person yourself (Tumblrite? Tumbler? Tumblogger?) feel free to follow me! I have added a little link over on the sidebar to your right, too. If you aren’t a Tumblr person (seriously, what do they call themselves?) you can still bookmark the page the old fashioned way and check it once in a while for updates.

Speaking of, I have made it my mission to post one haiku poem on my Tumblr page every day. Haiku poems, if you aren’t familiar with the style, are a concise little poetry method of Japanese origin, often centering around nature and emotions. In traditional Japanese style, they adhere to a strict 5-7-5 count for the sounds of the words. These sounds translate roughly to English as syllables. But any haiku enthusiast knows that this translation is very lose and that the essence of the poem is more important than its syllabic count.

Anyway. One haiku every day. It’s not too much to ask of myself. Hopefully you will find them enjoyable. And coming up soon I am going to post a short story I wrote today. It just needs some cleaning up before I can feel good about showing it off.

Enjoy your December, folks. It’s getting cold here!


About Sylvestris

Gamer, nerd, book worm, baker.
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