Donde esta la Biblioteca, Pedro? - Doctor Who - Silence in the Library

If you aren’t familiar with Dr. Who, the quote still stands.

I am quite happy to announce that I have been offered a job! Yesterday I went in to sign paperwork to become one of the newest members of the Fresno County Library team.

It’s a part time, just-above-minimum-wage gig. Is that what I wanted to do with a bachelors in psychology? Nope. Am I pleased as punch to get the opportunity? You bet!

It fits in well with my interests, I think. What better place for an aspiring novelist than a library? It’s the type of laid back, easy going, quiet job I wanted. And better yet, I have evaded working retail during the holiday frenzy. Score!

I will be working at a library not located in Fresno, which means I will be eating the gas cost of a 45 minute commute (one way). To ease the burden, my parents live about 15 minutes from the library I was assigned to, so I may be crashing there more frequently.

On Monday and Tuesday upcoming I have orientation for the county of Fresno, and then I have orientation for the library the rest of the week. I won’t even get to go to my actual location until the week after, but that’s fine. It’s all good.

One thing I’m loving: not working in downtown Fresno. Ugh, what a mess! One way streets, horrific traffic, clogged highways…no thanks! The commute to the rural library may be long, but it’s hardly crowded and the scenery is beautiful. Silver linings, folks.


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