It’s a Ghost

My sister is occasionally both adorable and funny without meaning to be. Usually she means to be. She’s two years my younger but you couldn’t imagine two more different people. Sometimes, though, we are exactly alike. Like when ghosts are involved.

Yesterday she called me on my cell out of the blue while I was sitting at home doing nothing of importance. The last time I got a random phone call from her it was bad news (truck impounded, speeding ticket, lots of crying) so I was wary when I answered. Thankfully it was nothing of that sort.

She’s home alone this weekend while my dad visits his parents and my mom runs amok across northern California and Nevada with a friend. Apparently while she was sitting in the living room doing homework, she heard an odd sound coming from the back of the house. She thought it was the dryer, because she was doing laundry at the time, but it occurred to her that the dryer made a slightly different noise. So she got up to investigate and discovered that the portable heater in her bathroom (my family lives at an elevation where getting out of the shower in winter is a lot like jumping into a frozen lake, so heaters are necessary if you ever want to leave the shower after you’re done) had turned on all by its self. Needless to say, it creeped her out.

Of course I asked her if any of the dogs had just been back there. Our dogs are very strange, nosy, accident prone creatures. I wouldn’t put it past one of them to nose around on the counter and poke the heater buttons. But no, they were all outside. So I asked her if it had a timer, and she said yes, but the timer wasn’t on and the heater hadn’t been used for several days. Our conclusion: it must be a ghost.

The most logical explanation here is that a chilly ghost, possibly the same one that comes to my apartment and turns my computer on in the middle of the night, was trying to warm the bathroom up so it could shower. My sister rudely turned his heater off.

I advised her to salt the windows and doors and sleep with a light on, just in case.


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