Dream Diary 7/27/2013

So much has happened in the past few weeks! Lots of dreams, of course, but nothing all that exciting. I turned 24, which was kind of a blast, and applied for many more jobs. It’s life and it’s going pretty well, thank you very much! The weather ’round here is so prohibitively hot that my work out has been…uh…less than usual. Today I am fleeing to the relative coolness of the hills and I will probably swim, so that makes up for skipping the gym, right? Right? Guys…? Hello…

So about this dream I had. It was set in the future, in what appeared to be a large city like New York. The setting was distinctly unnerving because it was fairly dystopian, and the feeling I got throughout the dream was that people were not free to do as they wished anymore. The government and its military/police force was in control and as long as you didn’t cross them you were fine. Unfortunately for me and my friends in this dream, we crossed them.

I was the protagonist, but I wasn’t human. Most of the time I looked human enough (I find in my dreams that I often switch back and forth between looking exactly like my real self and looking like whatever the character is I have invented for the dream). But I was some sort of demon…thing…and I was male. Also I was the sworn protector of a girl, probably late teens or early twenties, who did not resemble anyone from the real world.

We were wandering around in this enormous glass and steel city trying to find our group of people, and we finally did. It was a group consisting of my (real life) dad and some people I knew from (real life) highschool. They were inside a building in an auditorium type place observing what was basically a giant fish tank. Except the “fish” inside were part of the government’s scheme to assimilate everyone, and a government lady was giving a lecture about the benefits of diving into the tank and letting these fish convert you into a more evolved form. As I stood there talking to my dad about this we all started arguing a bit over whether or not to do this conversion. I thought it was utterly insane but they all seemed to think it was a great idea. One of the girls in the group asked me basically if I would do it “for the children” and I told her, “I’m a devil…thing…I don’t do children.” I thought that was hilarious.

In the end, my family and friends decided to do this assimilation thing and I backed off, with the girl I was supposed to protect. They all got into the tank one by one and these odd fish attached to their mouth and nose and then they were sucked away into the current in this tank down a long tube. There was an automated female voice on a speaker saying something like: “If you don’t resist us we will evolve you into your most advanced form ever”, as if suggesting that giving up your mind and body and free will was the best thing ever.

Just then, the government lady who had been giving the talk earlier reported us on her communication device for not assimilating. I thought it was optional but I guess I was way wrong because she was instructed to capture us. I heard all this from a few steps away, and wasn’t supposed to hear it, so I decided to get me and the girl out of there. But as we were headed for the front lobby and doors, a man asked us to wait but I wasn’t having any of that crap. I knew they were going to try to capture us, so I charged at the glass doors like a bull (apparently I did have horns) and the doors shattered and we ran off into the city being pursued by a dozen cops.

They were firing guns at us (assimilate or die, apparently) but these guns fired water instead of bullets. In the dream it was sort of like they were trying to kill us with squirt guns but the effect was more like those high powered water lasers they use to cut steel. At any rate, we were keen not to be hit. At some point I remember the streets of this city flooding, and people panicking and trying to find higher ground, but in a few scenes that was gone so I don’t know what it was about.

We ran for our lives through the city towards the suburbs, which were apparently much safer or the cops wouldn’t follow us there. Along the way we were joined by other friends and freedom fighters who ran with us and helped protect us. Now we had guns too. And the streets of this city were lined with people who cheered us on, because apparently no one had ever fought back or ran from the government before. We darted through a mall where I shot into the produce section of a sort of open air market place and a bunch of apples and stuff fell off the shelves to distract our pursuers. Then we crammed through a doorway and into a tiny little pub area. Beyond the next door was a free shot across a grassy sports field area to the suburbs. The door was even marked something like “to the suburbs”.

We thanked the bartender for not calling the cops but he said something like, “But I did…30 minutes ago…” How this old man knew we were coming thirty minutes ago is beyond me, but as we barged out the back door into bright sunshine we saw a group of uniformed officers standing in the street between us and the safety of the suburbs. I noticed a fenced off area to my left and realized if we managed to get through that then we could run across a soccer field to safety, so I dragged the group along. However, the cops saw us, and followed. By the time I got to the other side of this maze type area with chain link fencing falling down, I heard the girl I was supposed to protect screaming behind me and I turned around and the police had her by the ankle and were dragging her back through the fence.

That’s about where the dream ended: with her screaming, me panicking, a plain-clothes cop rushing at me with his gun, and my friends and allies scattering.

So there you have it. The most epic, surreal, adventure-packed dream I have had in a long while. And I probably forgot a good 50% of it.


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