Dream Diary Entry 7/8/2013

Seven months back when I graduated from college, my parents promised to buy me a bed frame of my choice as a gift. Well, seven months later, I finally found the perfect bed frame on Craigslist. The ad was already nearly a month old when I found it, and I wavered between two different ads for a couple of days. One was cheaper (more affordable for my folks) but wasn’t quite what I wanted. The other was more expensive but exactly what I always wanted. In the end I offered to pay the difference, and we set off on a road trip in my folks’ enormous diesel truck to take a look at this frame and make an offer.

When we got there, it was better than I anticipated. The photos on Craigslist made it appear to be very dark brown in color. But in person, the wood was a wonderfully rich mahogany with a gorgeous red tone to it. We agreed upon $750 bucks for a frame that cost over $2400 new. A steal! And after a lot of sweating and a few burned toes and fingers (truck bed linings get hot in summer!) we loaded it up, drove it home, and spent several hours struggling to assemble it. But it’s mine now and it’s everything I ever wanted. I feel like a queen sleeping in a four poster canopy bed. Wouldn’t you?

I’m telling you this to sort of preface this dream diary entry today, because I’m pretty sure sleeping in a new bed is what prompted such odd dreams. The mattress, sheets and pillows are all mine. We didn’t buy anything new other than just the frame. Before yesterday, The Boy and I had our mattress on the floor. Classy, right? And to top it off, being on the floor meant a few uninvited creepy crawlies happened into our sheets once in a while. Gross.

But this bed frame is huge, probably over 7 feet tall for each post, with a large headboard, and it dominates our small apartment bedroom. Luckily we have nothing else in the bedroom aside from a few dressers, so it isn’t too crowded. But having a bed frame changed the entire room to the point that laying there last night, I felt like i was in someone else’s room entirely. And I think that’s why I had such very odd dreams.

I dreamed that I was a school girl in Iran, which was under siege in a time of war. I think we were either at war with the U.S. or the U.S. was waging a war there on our behalf as our allies. But either way, there was a lot of chaos. I was at someone’s house and cats were involved but I don’t remember much more than that. Anyway, this person told me that I had better be getting off to school and to be careful on the way because there was a fight going on in the sky between some planes. While I was skipping down a road to class, a couple of planes blew up overhead and one of them came crashing to earth very close to where I was, only on the other side of a hill. So I quickly made it to my school teacher’s house.

But when I got there, it was dark and the floor was covered in dust and littered with bones. Human bones, animal bones, all sorts of bones. I went in a back room and discovered a gate had been put across what appeared to be a path leading deeper into a sort of cave area. If you have ever played Skyrim, then this place was very much like one of their cave type dungeons. I thought maybe my teacher had gone past this gate and that I should go look for her, so I went past it too and encountered some sort of evil dead witch who started throwing fireballs at me. I hit them back at her with a tennis racket I just randomly happened to have, but she summoned a corpse from the ground to hunt me down.

When it got close I hit it with my racket and dislodged its head, which flew up and then somehow I stuck a finger into it when it was falling down. At some point I managed to kill the witch, I think, only to find that she resurrected herself and attacked me again. From behind me further in the cave I heard a terrible voice basically telling me to come find it if I was brave enough, and then I woke up.

The Boy also said he had terrible dreams last night. I hope I didn’t buy a cursed bed frame!


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