A Series of Concerning Events

Ever have something happen to you that you couldn’t explain, but you just knew it was really, really freaking weird? And even though you know it’s weird, it’s not weird enough to really be supernatural or unexplainable, and most everyone thinks you must have overlooked some obvious explanation or else did it yourself? Yeah? Okay, so long as it isn’t just me.

So, what happened? I’m not exactly sure. But here are the facts:

Last night I went to bed at approximately 12am. The Boy left for work about half an hour before that. I fell asleep quickly but I woke up again at just before 4am.

I woke up because I thought I heard a noise. Like a quiet bang, sort of like a door being opened/closed or maybe someone setting something heavy down on a table. Not a weird noise, save for the fact that I was alone. But when I woke up all was quiet and I realized I had to pee really bad so I got up, thinking that musta been what woke me and the noise was from a dream.

When I got up I noticed the bedroom door was ajar. There are two things wrong with this. One, I always close the door when I go to bed at night. I don’t like sleeping with it open. I’m a wuss and I hate the dark. Two, the door is improperly hung in the frame so it drags on the carpet, meaning it cannot open its self. It must physically be pushed or pulled.

But I didn’t think anything of it until I left the bedroom. I noticed a bright blue light illuminating the computer room so I went in there to check it out. My computer was on. There are, again, two problems with this. One, I always put my computer to sleep before I go to bed and I distinctly remember doing so last night, because I remember it being dark in the room when I left. Two, I physically turned off my monitor, which cannot turn its self back on unless someone pushes the button.

I turned it off and went to the bathroom, then decided to check out the rest of the apartment. Nothing was amiss, nothing else seemed odd. The front door was only half locked but that’s usual. It’s a stubborn lock. It was locked, meaning nothing could open the door, but it just hadn’t “clicked” yet.

I went back to bed and couldn’t get back to sleep because the mystery was bugging me. Also did I mention I’m a wuss? I’m a wuss.

There are a couple explanations for what I saw last night:

1. Someone was in my apartment. This is probably the least likely of any real explanation, because I highly doubt someone broke into my apartment while the door was locked. Also, nothing at all has turned up missing, and we have a lot of valuable electronic gear laying around. Both laptops are in place, as are the xBox and Wii and so on.

2. The Boy came home early and/or came back to grab something. I checked with him and he never came home. Additionally, he wouldn’t just come home and turn on my computer randomly and leave it on the log in screen (ie, he turned it on but didn’t use it). That makes no sense at all.

3. The noise I heard that “woke” me was a dream. This makes sense, as I can hardly remember the noise now. I think what woke me was actually the urge to pee. Alternately, the noise I heard might have been the door popping open.

4. The bedroom door opened due to a draft created by the AC or a window. Again, not at all plausible. The AC was off. No windows were open. And again, the door can’t just swing open and closed. It drags on the carpet so you have to actually push it.

5. I sleep walked last night and did all of this myself. I guess this is plausible? I have never been told that I sleepwalk. My sister does and believe me, it’s not something people overlook. But it is possible that I got up and wandered in to the computer room, turned on the computer, and then went back to bed with no memory of it. Unlikely, but possible.

6. I didn’t actually close the bedroom door all the way. Very possible.

7. I hit restart instead of sleep when I turned off my computer. Also possible. But it doesn’t explain how the monitor got turned on.

8. Slenderman did it. Sleep tight folks 🙂


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