Back in the Saddle

Hello folks. Sorry for my awkward silence. Did you miss me? I missed me.

Last week was a bad week in terms of working out and eating healthy. I was so busy I didn’t have the time (or, more accurately, the energy) to keep up my 2 miles of walking per day and the new weight routine I added. But this is a good thing. I would rather be busy than be bored!

On Wednesday I morphed into a cleaning freak and cleaned my apartment from the ceiling right down to the floor boards. It was in dire, desperate need of some TLC. I vacuumed, I mopped, I cleaned the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom. I did laundry. And after many hours, I felt comfortable in my own home again. You ever get in a slump where you just don’t feel like cleaning or keeping things tidy? Yeah. I went through a few weeks of that but NO MORE. I must have clean.

Tis the season for cockroaches, and that is actually what inspired the deep clean. Our apartment manager is a real boss when it comes to keeping on top of the pest control around here. Believe me, I lived in an apartment once that was so infested with roaches that at night the entire kitchen would crawl. But now our apartment sees a few unwanted visitors here and there, and more often than not they’re already dead when I find them. Alas, having piles of little roach corpses cluttering up my baseboards does not make me feel good about anything, so I attacked them with a Dirt Devil and now I feel better. So much better.

On Thursday my mom and sister came by and I cooked them dinner. No, it wasn’t an early Mother’s Day gift. It was actually my mom’s birthday gift, five months late! I gave her a little handmade gift certificate in December good for one home cooked dinner that she didn’t have to clean up. Well, we finally got around to scheduling it. Thank goodness I cleaned the place up! We ate barbequed balsamic and garlic crusted pork tenderloin (here’s the recipe, it is absolutely delicious), risotto (recipe) and roasted broccoli and butternut squash. Oh it was heaven. A lot of work, too! We played some silly dice games and then I made lava cakes via this outstanding Paula Deen recipe. Paula’s recipes are often hit and miss with me, but I was thankful to find this recipe a real winner. You can be sure I’ll be making this one again and again and again and…

Then on Friday we raced off on a mostly-impromptu road trip at 7 in the morning. After getting only about 5 hours of sleep I would rather have stayed in bed, but this was a trip based half in pleasure and half in real necessity. You see, a little less than a year ago in July 2012, The Boy was discharged from the California National Guard. While I wholeheartedly support all of our troops, and while I am so very proud of the sacrifices he made, I was so damned relieved when he came home for good. We survived deployment together, many weeks apart for training, a lot of B.S. and a whole lot of being jerked around by the government. And silly me, I thought we were through with that. I should have known better. Even a year later we’re still being jerked left and right. Apparently The Boy did not turn in all of his gear and equipment upon his discharge, so we got a very unpleasant bill in the mail a few weeks back. The damage? A whopping 3,000 bucks. And a pleasant little note saying that if he failed to turn it in by the due date, he would be billed for all of it.

His response? Toss the letter somewhere else, ignore it, and go back to playing video games. Lord forgive me, I try to be patient with him. But when $3,000 is on the line, I don’t see any reason to be patient. Please suffice it to say that I breathed fire upon his lazy butt until he got his crap together and made concrete plans to solve this “little issue”.

Enter our road trip. We loaded up a friend’s old Bronco with all the wayward gear, chugged some Starbucks, and set off across California to the army base about 2 hours south west of us. I was mostly just along for the ride, because said base is only about 30+ minutes from the beach. It’s a good thing we left early, because as with all things National Guard, there were delays. First they wouldn’t let us on base due to the car not having proof of insurance. Finally someone threw us a bone and wrote us a pass so we could drive on base. Then we got a little lost trying to find the correct building. An (un)helpful man in uniform gave us the wrong building number and sent us on a goose-chase we didn’t need. Then we found the building, only to be told that we were supposed to have an appointment and no one could help us otherwise. Then they said they could help us but it would be a few hours. Fine. We sat in a room that was at least air conditioned and we sat for a very long time. At the end of all of this is a little ray of sunshine, because that massive 3 grand bill was reduced down to less than 300 dollars. And we will never, ever, go back to that base again. So long, suckers.

My reward for not going on a rampage on an army base was a couple of hours at the beach, some good fish and chips, and a frozen yogurt. I got to lay in the sand and get my clothes dirty and draw lewd things as the tide went out. Always a silver lining, right?

Sunday was Mother’s Day. We drove 45 minutes east to have dinner with my parents. There was much playing with dogs, some walking around in my mom’s vegetable gardens, a lot of good food, and a lot of sitting around groaning about how full we were. My mother has a killer recipe for homemade, no-knead bread to which she added garlic and rosemary. I think I ate the weight of her corgi dog in bread alone. Then top that all off with salad, bolognese over noodles, cupcakes and then actual cake…man, not a good week for dieting!

Well this post has gotten a bit long-winded and I apologize. The main points are these: I spent a week eating like a piggie and not working out very much. I resumed my workout today, though I didn’t get to finish because a couple of inconsiderate young men took over the weight room with their music and I decided to just leave and try again later. I have a subway sandwich in front of me, a big glass of water, and plenty of time to make up for the ground I lost last week.

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend. It’s getting really hot out there, so stay cool.


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