Dream Diary Entry 4/2/2013

I notice that I tend to have the most bizarre dreams if I am woken up early in the morning and then go back to sleep for a few hours. This morning I woke up around 8 and, deciding “oh heck no”, I buried my face in the pillows and went back to sleep. As a result, I dreamed.

I dreamed that I was in some sort of classroom with a bunch of other people. It might have been high school or college, I don’t know. The teacher was a high school teacher of mine. He handed out a paper with a bunch of really vague, strange clues on it and we were supposed to answer them. The class was noisy and I couldn’t think and I was angry so I left and sat down outside to do it, but then people followed me. I kept leaving and going further away but people kept coming and sitting with me and being loud and distracting and I finally got so mad I just left school. I sat down by a fence and tried to finish the paper and some girl came to help me and I let her. Then she caught a ride home and I started on the next paper’s worth of odd clues.

Then the dream changed and I was part of a team sent to recover a very special artifact or disk or something. It was hidden many miles beneath the surface of what I assume was the ocean, because we were in a huge underwater labyrinth of sorts, like a base or a building made of metal. All I can remember is that we tracked this object that we were after into a maze of tube tunnels off the main area and we were working on finding it. We found another team of explorers down there and one of them flirted with me. I remember The Boy was not in this dream and I kept thinking that was a good thing, because I didn’t want him to get hurt.

Some random guy wandered by and told us all “Happy minute day, guys” and we all looked at one another like, “what? What’s minute day?” and then water started to flood the passage and we realized we had only a minute to get out. Suddenly there were hundreds of people trying to evacuate and we had to give up looking for whatever it was we came down there for. I remember being in a huge crowd of people all pushing and jostling towards the exit and that’s about where it ends.

My dreams always tend to prey on my fears. Drowning, being trapped underwater, etc. are all fears of mine. I’m a strong swimmer and a real waterbug, but drowning is still one of those things I can’t think about without freaking myself out. The movie Titanic always bothered me when it showed scenes of people trapped below decks as the water rises. Maybe this is related to some sort of evolutionary thing where our bodies know they can’t breath underwater, so underwater things become scary in an effort to prevent us from drowning. Maybe I’m just weird. Either way, my dreams often touch on topics that I find uncomfortable or frightening and I think that’s fascinating.


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One Response to Dream Diary Entry 4/2/2013

  1. banphrionsa says:

    Interesting dream, I always have strange dreams after falling back asleep too. Sometimes there’s nothing better than waking up and thinking “what in the world is wrong with my mind that it comes up with this shit!?!” to keep you going throughout the day. Amusing dream though! I liked it. I share your dreams about drowning – except I’m always trapped by tall cliffs when the tide comes in. As a rule I avoid tall cliffs and beaches in real life now! Hope tonight’s dreams are a little bit less stressful and more upbeat!!!

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