Dream Diary Entry 4/13/13

I have two dreams to share with you folks. One I dreamed a few nights back but was too busy to write about and the other popped up fresh last night.

A few nights ago I dreamed that somehow I had acquired a pirate ship that was really made from an old tent trailer that had been modified to include a sail. I was determined to be a good captain and a good pirate to impress this guy I knew in high school, who for some reason was either in my crew or always present.

Except, as it turns out, I wasn’t a very good captain at all. At one point I nearly ran the ship aground on a beach with a bunch of hostile tropical natives and at another we nearly crashed into the hull of an enormous shipping barge. For some reason I was trying to commit piracy on a river, sort of like the Amazon.

By the end of the dream I had gotten myself captured by a hostile group of rival pirates and they were going to kill me. Someone gave me the advice to tell a lot of jokes and get them laughing because if they saw me as funny they wouldn’t kill me, so I started cracking a lot of jokes. They laughed, I laughed, and then they said it was a pity they were going to kill me anyway. Lame.

Dream number two was a bit more serious in tone. I was traveling on a train sort of thing a lot like an updated version of the Disneyland monorail. I was with a friend I knew in high school and her older brother. It was winter and snowy and the tracks took us out over the sea at times and I remember thinking to myself how the icy, wet tracks might make it easy for the train to derail when…it derailed. And we flew off into a snowbank and crashed. I was unhurt but not everyone was so lucky. With the weather getting worse, I organized those who were uninjured to move the injured into a large cave to get them out of the snow and wind. We built a fire and were trying to figure out what to do when Dr. Who appeared.

I’m fuzzy on the details here. I think I knew who he was but others didn’t. I don’t think I explained to anyone why an odd British guy just popped in magically out of thin air, or why he had a strange screwdriver that was going to save us all. At one point in the dream I remember seeing my friend Laura, who died when I was still in high school. I dream about her now and then. It’s bittersweet. But the Dr. wasn’t much help at all and kept disappearing and reappearing in different incarnations, none of which seemed to remember what he had been doing a second ago.

I remember my friend was hurt and I was trying to help her and be reassuring but also try to get the Dr. to help us. That’s about all I remember.


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