Dream Diary Entry 4/2/2013

I have had plenty of dreams lately, but let it suffice to say they weren’t the type I wanted to share with the world. You might get the wrong idea about me!

Last night I dreamed that I was vising my old school, but I’m unsure if it was my high school or my college. The architecture was very similar to the larger high schools in the area but I was visiting a professor I had in college. Odd. I also had a friend with me, which is also odd because I haven’t spoken to her since we graduated high school 5+ years ago.

We were walking down the hallway inside the school and I spotted this teacher I needed to talk to. Incidentally he was one of my least favorite professors, so I don’t know why he popped up in my dreams. Just as I caught up to him in the hallway to say something, the entire building suddenly felt like we were caught in an earthquake and a tornado at the same time and I was nearly thrown over the second floor railing as the building turned on its end.

Then the dream shifted and I was Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings movies. I was standing on the grounds of the school instead now, and it was probably winter or fall as the grass was all yellowed and the sky was overcast. It was sort of like standing on an arctic tundra. I was standing in a circle of stone statues. One was a tiger, another was a vulture, and there were more I don’t remember. Apparently the school had a tiger problem and tigers were eating students as they crossed the ground to different classes. So I was praying to the vulture statue to make these attacks stop because I felt the vulture was the wisest and the nicest.

Then I was just myself again, walking across the grounds to a little hill where my next class was held. It was in a cave inside the hill, accessible only by a tiny little hole in the ground. It doesn’t seem to matter what I’m dreaming of, my subconscious will sneak in a bit about my fear of tight spaces. Subconsciousnesses are rude like that. Just as I got up on the hill I saw a tiger stalking across the grounds some distance away and I was afraid it would see me too and kill me. But I couldn’t outrun a tiger across the lawn and back to the school, and there was a hyena blocking my way anyway. I tried to dive down the hole to the class but my shoulders were too broad and I got stuck.

That’s about all I remember.


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One Response to Dream Diary Entry 4/2/2013

  1. Hahaha… you should sell the rights to your dreams because these are good enough to be a movie!!! Sometimes that is the most exhausting kind of sleep… the kind where you wake up and feel like you’ve been trapped in a theater all night. Entertaining, but maybe a bit tiring? xoxo, g.

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