Dream Diary Entry 3/23/2013

I had a dream last night that kind of defies explanation. But I will do my best.

I was in some big city, maybe New York or Los Angeles. Think stereotypical big city. And there was a creature on the loose that I can only describe as some sort of old god, like Cthulhu or something. As tall as any of the skyscrapers, it was rampaging around killing people and smashing buildings. The entire city was in a state of lockdown and panic, and lots of people were trying to escape. But if the thing saw you, you were dead, so there was a lot of hiding out and praying and crossing of fingers.

Except for me. I was apparently not too concerned about this apocalyptic scenario, because I was running around in full view. I think once or twice the thing saw me and didn’t do anything to me. I get the feeling that I knew this creature somehow, or at least enough to know I was safe. So I was trying to help people, which was proving hard because when people panic they get pretty stupid.

I found people hiding under blankets on a rooftop and tried to convince them to flee, but I don’t remember how that turned out. I do remember that the monster had laser eyes and was using them to fire beams at people. I think at some point in the dream it was revealed that I was an outlaw of some sort, because when I went inside buildings I had to hide behind desks and stuff to avoid people seeing me. I eventually made my way just outside of the city where a bunch of refugees were hiding.

Then the dream changed, though I’m certain it was still the same dream and not a wholly different one. I took my family’s truck (a Ford F350 diesel) and drove off to some part of the city where the monster wasn’t rampaging, because apparently I had to move out of my apartment that day or else. I met up with my fiance at the apartment (which was kinda dark and shabby and run down) and we started packing things into boxes. I then dreamed about packing things for probably 10 minutes (or who knows really, dream time is weird).

Later I realized my fiance wasn’t helping at all, only pretending to pack mostly so I wouldn’t notice and get mad. So I got mad and yelled at him about being useless and not helping and about how we had to be out of the apartment by a certain time that day and he didn’t have the luxury to do nothing. And we argued and fought and my family was there looking kind of awkward. Then later we made up about it when I told him how I always entered the bedroom through a hole in the wall near the floor, like a mouse. Somehow that was pretty profound and we made up.

The end.


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