Kicking My Own Butt

Day four of my quest to stop being such a lazy couch potato is going well. Four days, you might scoff. Just four days? But four days is four days more than before. Four days is four days of not spending my life sitting on my butt. So four days is fine with me.

It’s helping a little bit with my insomnia as well. I can get to sleep a bit faster at night, and that is a welcome change from the 2-3 hours it usually takes. I’m not going to get up at 8 a.m. every day like I did a few days ago but if I can get to sleep faster my sleep schedule may even its self out over time, so I’m not rising after noon.

The hardest part about making this little lifestyle change isn’t the change in my diet. I like veggies and I can live without fast food. It’s more that my body is sore and grumpy with me for making it work out and then not rewarding it with brownies and cake. After my first couple days of walking, I was sore. So sore. It made going on a walk the day after much harder. But I did it. And I am less sore because of it. Perseverance!

I have been down this road before though. I spent several weeks last summer trying to get my butt in shape. I did yoga, played Wii sports, went to the fitness center for an hour, and ate healthy. It probably would have worked great. Except I quit after about two weeks. I think my problem was I tried to tackle too much, too soon. I burned out and gave up. So this time I hope slow and steady is the key. I may add more to my daily workout, but for now a nice long walk is agreeing with me quite well.

I am lucky to live where I do. I don’t say that often, because I live in Fresno. If you’re not a Fresnan, let me paint a picture for you. It’s a dingy, crime-infested urban shit right in the middle of some of the most fertile, gorgeous agricultural land in the nation. The weather routinely qualifies as “hellish” in temperature. It is the methamphetamine capital of the U.S. It is loudly touted as the drunkest city in the nation. In short, it’s a cesspool of some of the least valuable human waste ever to accumulate in one place.

Finding something positive to say about Fresno can be tough sometimes. Between the crime rate and the over all poor standard of living, it’s not the ideal place to grow up and start your life on your own. But it has it’s silver lining, if you look closely enough. It’s less than two hours from the beach and about thirty minutes from the mountains. It’s an easy drive to any number of beautiful lakes, snow-capped mountains, or sandy beaches.

I say I am lucky to live where I do not because I live in Fresno but rather because of where I live in Fresno. I live right across the street from the university, which means I live right across the street from all of its farm land. Right smack in the middle of a major urban area lies several acres of vineyards, orchards, and pasture land. So when I take my daily walk, I am walking through a little paradise of farmland in the middle of the city. Pretty cool.

And despite the awful climate around here (seriously, we get about 3 months of cool weather and summer lasts from March to November) we are in a bit of a lull heat-wise. It’s been in the 70s, which is a bit much when you’re trying to work out outside. I wish I had started this sooner, when the daily temperature was in the 40s. But I find if I walk in the later afternoon hours I can take advantage of the breeze that kicks up around 4 o’clock. When the weather gets really out of control I can always hide out in the fitness center ten feet from my apartment door, but they rarely air condition that room so I may be a bit out of luck.

But overall, the last four days have been less of a hassle than I anticipated.


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One Response to Kicking My Own Butt

  1. Way to go. Love that you’re finding positivity in your not-so-positive surroundings… keep going! xoxo, g.

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