I’ve been having a really hard time with insomnia lately. This isn’t something new, but it had been blessedly absent for so long I forgot how awful it could be. I have dealt with this on and off since high school. The causes seem to vary, but I think part of the underlying issue is that I am naturally a night owl. My body would much rather be awake than asleep at 2 in the morning despite my many attempts to convince it otherwise.

It’s always been like this. I can maintain a fairly normal sleep schedule if required, such as during school. I’m not a morning person but I can get up and go to early classes without much issue. But give me even two days of down time and my sleep schedule reverts back to 3 a.m. bed times and after-noon rises. It’s caused some problems with my parents growing up (who am I kidding, everything caused problems with my parents growing up) but overall my nocturnal sleep patterns haven’t really been an issue.

I know part of my problem right now is lack of activity during the day. I have nothing to do and I’m getting restless and bored. The break from school was nice but now I’m feeling like nothing is interesting, nothing is fun, and even things I used to love are boring me. So if I’m doing nothing at all during the day, I’m not tired enough to sleep at night.

I woke up at 8 a.m. today after going to sleep probably around 3. It’s not as much sleep as I would have liked. And even though the temptation to simply go back to sleep was very strong, I decided to stay awake and then go to bed tonight at a reasonable hour and see if that helped any. I may also go to the fitness center two feet from my apartment and get a little bit of a workout in, or go for a walk. Being sedentary the way I am can’t be helping any. I refuse to resort to any form of sleep aid when there are changes I can make in my lifestyle to combat these things. I get a little tired of people who complain a lot but won’t help themselves.


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2 Responses to Insomnia

  1. I just found your blog at the perfect time! I’m experiencing horrific insomnia since quitting my anti-depressant meds back in January… so I can fully sympathize. I hope your situation improves! Thanks for writing 🙂 xoxo, g.

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