Dream Diary Entry 2/28/2013

I had such incredibly strange dreams last night and I don’t even know where to begin. It was either a quick succession of many dreams or one long, convoluted, monster of a dream.

First I had a dream that I do think was separate, but might not have been. I dreamed that The Boy was fired for work for being late. He was actually late this morning. We had a big fight in my dream and I left. That may have lead to the next part of the dream, in which I was a member of a band of young men who were some sort of…I dunno, rebels? Thieves? Assassins? Up to no good, let’s call it that. We had infiltrated a school of some sort but the police got called and now we were hiding out trying to figure out our next move.

One of the men broke in to the school’s science lab and poured a bunch of explosive chemical powders onto a large plastic tarp and draped it over some chairs. Then he lit the fuse and ran back outside and we all hid beneath a portable building from the blast. The school exploded and the police were now gone, and during the blast a lot of harmful fumes were in the air and the guys were yelling at me not to inhale but I couldn’t help it. I had to breathe.

I remember holding the hand of one of the guys during the blast, and I’m pretty sure he was supposed to be the actor Devon Sawa (the only thing I have ever seen him in is Wild America when he was pretty young).

Then the school disappeared and turned into a trailer park, which we had just blown up. A lot of people were gone (dead?) and their trailers exploded but no one seemed to realize we were behind it, and they were all really friendly to us. We pretended like we lived there too and that because of the explosion we wanted to pack up and leave so we were packing down some trailers that didn’t belong to us. No one said a word. There was a dog involved. I don’t know why.

Then my family showed up and wanted me to come with them, but I wanted to go with the guys. I don’t really know what happened then, but I left and ended up all on my own. This is where I’m not sure if it’s two dreams or one big one, because now I was some sort of guitar player. I was also male, I think.

The guitar I was playing was some sort of cross between a Guitar Hero controller (we just watched a Guitar Hero episode on South Park so that must be the inspiration; I don’t even really like the game) and a real guitar. But as it turns out I wasn’t a very good guitarist, except everyone lead me to believe I was. So I joined a blues-type band and we were set to perform at some small venue when it became known to the world that I sucked. The band sounded awesome and then I started playing and it was horrific and obvious that I didn’t know how to play at all and people booed and I was really embarrassed. So I made some sort of speech to the band and apologized for my lack of skill (one of the band members was a guy I knew in real life) and then I left. I was with someone too, a girl who was a friend of some sort, and we walked down the street and I couldn’t remember where I parked my car.

I had borrowed my sister’s old Ford Bronco (she drives a Chevy truck in real life) and I was worried that I may have parked wrong and gotten it towed, but we found it by pressing the alarm button on the girl friend’s keys because I had parked next to her and we just followed the sound of her car’s alarm. Then when I got to the Bronco I realized some asswipe had parked so close behind me that he had actually opened up the trunk of my SUV to get more room. So I had to pull forward, get out, close the trunk hatch, and get back in. Yet somehow I had no idea how to drive at all, and the car was going everywhere and I couldn’t find the brake and I think I ran in to a few parked cars before driving off.

Somehow my mom ended up in the car too and we drove off together to some old dude’s house where I parked in the garage only to find it filled with hundreds of cats, all sitting in the rafters and the shelves and staring at me. I made some comment about these people being cat hoarders and my mom tried to explain that the older lady who took care of the old man had some sort of emotional trauma in her past that caused her to need a lot of cats. Then she asked me to run an errand to Save Mart for the old man, so I hopped on a gas-powered scooter and left, but got lost, and that’s about where I stop remembering anything.

Told you. Long dream. Confusing dream. As if all these nights of not remembering dreams came back to bite me in the ass.


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