Dream Diary Entry 2/27/2013

It’s been a little while since I’ve had a dream that I remember well enough to write down. Most of them lately have been scrambled little flashes of ideas that don’t lend themselves to interesting description.

But last night I had another Harry Potter dream, which I find amusing because I haven’t had Potter on the brain for a while. It was another dream in which I was the main character but at the same time I wasn’t Harry himself, though all of his tasks fell to me. I had to find Voldemort’s horcrux and destroy it.

As it turned out, the horcrux was being held hidden in a snooty upper-crust girl’s academy. So naturally the entire school accompanied me there to search for the horcrux as a group. There was a scene in the dream in which I was trying to take a shower in a communal bathroom but I don’t remember much other than it wasn’t going as intended. And the headmistress of the girl’s academy found me and I think booted me out, so I joined up with a bunch of other students riding inflatable rafts in San Francisco Bay. I think I sat too far back on the raft because it tipped over and I fell in to the water.

And then I was back at the academy searching for the horcrux. Dumbledore was there too. I found the horcrux in some back room of this huge stately academy and it was an enormous, glowing, World of Warcraft-style sword. But I couldn’t destroy it myself; Dumbledore had to help me. So I ran off to find him and we dueled with giant video game swords until he realized that the reason the horcrux wasn’t dying was because it was too close to me and it was feeding off my soul or something. So we switched swords and it worked and we destroyed the horcrux. Yay!


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