Have Patience

No dreams lately. At least none that I can remember well enough to write down. I recall waking up at about 7 this morning thinking, “Wow, that was a neat dream! I should remember this for my blog!” and then promptly falling back asleep and forgetting every detail.

In other news, I think it’s questionable how doctors word some things. Like when you explain your symptoms to a nurse or a doctor, and when they repeat them to other staff they say, “Patient is complaining of…”

Woah, wait a minute. I wasn’t “complaining” about anything. I was simply stating what my symptoms were so you’d have a better idea of what was going on. Complaining to me connotes a whining tone of voice and a lot of unnecessary crying about the issue. As in, “I don’t feeeeeel good, wahaaahaaaa…I don’t like this, I wanna go hoooome.” I tend to be pretty stoic about pain and I think it’s irritating to be described as “complaining” when I’m not. Another word might be better.

And why do they call us “patients”? The last thing I feel while waiting in a crowded, noisy waiting room for a doctor who is running nearly an hour behind is an over abundance of patience.

I guess diction isn’t something doctors excel at.


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