Dream Diary Entry 2/17/2013

I had a couple of dreams last night that kind of intertwined and I haven’t a clue how to write them down coherently.

Dream 1 was mostly me being angry at my boyfriend because he lied to me over something. I don’t remember details, but I know that I was in a big complicated house with many rooms. He was there and so was a friend of mine, but in different rooms. I was hanging out with each of them separately and running back and forth. The friend was watching a movie in her brother’s room (her brother didn’t live there anymore) and my boyfriend and I were doing something upstairs in another room. There’s actually a lot more to it than that, but it’s so vague now I can’t possible write it out. At one point I went downstairs to see my friend and I thought of knocking on the door on the off chance that her brother had come by, but I didn’t. When I went inside there was a guy sitting on the bed with her in the dark. At first glance I thought it was her brother, but it was actually my boyfriend, and I got mad because he had told me he was doing something else when really he was watching movies.

Dream 2 I think was actually the same dream, just with a really big plot shift. I was back in school at my old middle school, though I think I was supposed to be in high school. A bunch of people I knew were in the brand new locker rooms they built (right after I left middle school, actually, so I have no clue what the locker rooms look like). In the boy’s locker room a group of boys held down another boy, who was actually a talking, living, pool floaty in the shape of a shark. Yeah, I know, don’t ask. I have odd dreams. Anyway, they held him down below a pool of water inside the locker room and drowned him. So the rest of the school had to evacuate.

I walked with a group of friends, including a friend I’ve known a long time but don’t speak to anymore and her older brother, whom I used to have a crush on as a kid. We walked with the rest of the school to a mall nearby where we were supposed to sit through a lecture on wine. I was very happy during the walk because I got to hold the brother’s hand, but then by the time we reached the mall he had shrugged me off and found another girl and I was depressed. So when they offered us free wine samples (which resembled jello shots in consistency) they told us to pick the colors that best described how we felt. I picked blue/purple colors because I was sad.

Then suddenly the TV screens around the mall were showing us breaking news. Some buildings right across the street had been bombed. Everyone panicked and took off running and screaming. Outside I started calling for my friend, and I found her a little ways behind me. She was hysterical because her dad worked in those buildings across the street and she was panicking because her fingernails were painted a certain way and she thought it was a bad omen. I tried to reassure her that everything would be okay and we would find her dad. We ran towards the bombed buildings.



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