Text Fail

I hate it when you send someone a text, and someone else replies for them.

Maybe it’s just me, maybe I am prone to being annoyed over small unimportant things, but I can’t help but notice how, well, unnecessary it is. Maybe the person thinks they’re being polite. Lord knows we could do with a bit more politeness in the world. But when I think of polite I think of holding the door for someone or stopping to help someone pick up spilled groceries…there’s polite, and then there’s just plain uncalled for weird.

And unless the text was something like, “OMFG HELP I’m dying call 911!” then under no circumstance was it urgent enough for someone other than the intended recipient to respond. I think of texts as little notes passed between people. Texts (and IMs) are for things that aren’t super important or urgent. If it doesn’t need a reply absolutely right now, then it can go in a text. Conversely, stuff that needs a person’s immediate attention is best saved for a phone call. So when I send someone a text, I don’t expect an answer right away. And I sure as hell don’t expect someone else to answer for the person I texted (or messaged or emailed or any other form of nonverbal communication).

So it comes as a bit of an annoyance when I text someone and someone else responds with “they can’t come to the phone right now” because, you know, I didn’t expect them to. They’ll see the text when they can get to the phone, so in what way did you think your reply was warranted?

Oh and God forbid I should text someone something personal or private. If I send someone a text or a message detailing something painfully personal and I get a response back like “oh lol I’ll let her/him know when she gets back” I am not liable for my actions. They will likely be something along the lines of “nuke your house with rabid hippopotamuses.”  And that isn’t pleasant.

The moral of the story, kids, is this: if someone sends a text to a person and it wasn’t intended for you, be polite human being and don’t respond.

The moral may also be: I’m a grouchy old lady and I am prone to small pet peeves.

Either way.


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Gamer, nerd, book worm, baker.
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