Dream Diary Entry 2/15/2013

I am so not awake enough to be writing this, but here it goes.

I had a dream last night that I was back working at my old job as an assistant in special education classrooms. So, maybe this was more of a nightmare than anything. No, please, don’t get the idea that I hated my job and those kids or anything like that. I didn’t. I was a substitute so I never knew if or when I was going to be called in to work, and bouncing from classroom to classroom and having to deal with very different environments every day was stressful.

So in my dream I am working again at my old job at an elementary school. And I had a partner this time, I think, but she was a special ed. girl and I was having to show her the ropes. I took her to the office to show her where we sign in and such. And then I bumped into my mother (who in real life is actually a special ed. teacher, but at a high school) and we had a laugh about that. Then at some point I lost my class and my partner and was standing in a sort of…I don’t know…middle area where all the hallways of the school connected?

There were desks set up like a classroom but it was just an open space in the hall. There was a teacher there in a wheelchair who was talking to me and my mom stopped by to chat too. And he was a really interesting guy with lot’s of neat things to say, so we chatted a long time until it was about time for me to sign out and go home.

Kind of a dull dream I guess, but it was fairly realistic and it brought back a lot of memories of working for the school district. Which is neither good nor bad, just rather unexpected. I had thought, you know, the night after Valentines Day I might have dreams that were a bit more sexy than school children. Alas.


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