Dream Diary Entry 2/13/2013

I had a dream last night that I was a character in the Harry Potter universe. This is pretty freakin’ epic, to be honest. I don’t think I was actually Harry Potter, but I was a really important main character that obviously doesn’t exist in the books or movies.

In my dream, some force (not Voldemort) was attacking Hogwarts castle and a bunch of us were trying to defend it. The bad guys were a bunch of hooded wizards (not Death Eaters) on horseback. They charged the school and all hell broke loose. I think the students were supposed to stay safely inside the castle but being the hero of my dreams I went rushing up to join the fray.

I was on the top of some turret above the castle, and I turned my wand into a fire hose and knocked down a bunch of the horseback dudes. At one point I think I may have gotten injured (a black eye maybe?) because Neville Longbottom kept asking me “What happened?!” and I kept telling him “Ask Mum!”, but I was referring to Mrs. Weasley who was not my mother at all. I mean, sure, I have red hair and a huge crush on George Weasley, but…

Then professor Snape, Dumbledore and I all ended up in some sort of vast ship that was supposed to take us safely from Hogwarts. I was having an argument with Dumbledore because I felt that we should stay and fight but he said no, that these men were after me specifically, and we had to get some place safe. It was sort of like I had taken the place of Harry Potter in my dream, with the obvious exception being that I was not Harry himself. Also, Snape was a perfectly pleasant, nice dude. Sitting in the corner of the ship were two ginger guys who kept cracking wise and I asked them if I knew them because, you know, wise-ass red head guys are kind of familiar. They said they were Bill and Charlie Weasley. Nerd girl moment. I love them.

So then the scene ended, and I think the whole dream was actually supposed to be the extended cut of the third movie. This weird plot was some sort of director’s cut of the Prisoner of Azkaban movie, and all this stuff in my dream was just extra stuff the director included but edited out because, well, it isn’t even remotely cannon.

I remember the credits rolling and I laid back on my seat in the ship and reminisced about how awesome it was to be acting in the movies and how badly it would hurt when all of this was over. Which is poignant, I think, because I recently re-read the entire Harry Potter series and watched all the movies…and there really was a sense of loss and sadness when I was finished. Some series are just too damned good to end, so my brain decided to keep it going while I was asleep.






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One Response to Dream Diary Entry 2/13/2013

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Haha! It is epic to be in HP.

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