Dream Diary Entry 2/11/2013

Last night I had a dream that the world ended. Thankfully, it wasn’t a zombie dream. I have too many of those! It was more like an “everything is chaos and the world’s governments have become destabilized” type thing. I was leading a band of friends and family through Asia (for some reason, we ended up in Asia instead of the USA). We were all riding on a huge bus, which was being driven by a guy a sort of knew once in real life. At least, we’ve met a few times and he dated a friend of mine who is also in the dream.

So we’re all crammed in this awful bus driving through post-apocalyptic Asia. At one point I think the bus ended up under water and I was caught in it, but I was saved by Commodore Norrington from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Sexy.

We bedded down one night (with the bus somehow magically being removed from the water and fully functional) in some open air market where boxes and crates were stacked to the ceiling. Imagine your typical, extremely impoverished, rural Asian market. There you go. We slept on the boxes and crates with the stray dogs and chickens. At one point I discovered a little stray mutt and shooed it away, only to end up feeling terribly guilty when I thought it may have fallen in the water all around us and drowned. I also discovered that a friend of mine was contemplating suicide, and I talked her out of it. Then I found a bunch of grapes and that was our dinner for the night.

The next morning we were driving about and a friend suggested that maybe America hadn’t been hit so hard by the end of the world thing. Asia was kind of an unstable, poor place to begin with but America was richer and better off so maybe we should go there. I agreed. But then the guy driving the bus decided to run us off a cliff into the ocean and kill us all. Somehow I managed to go back in time and shoot him in the head to prevent this from happening, so I then had to explain to everyone why I shot the dude in the head…awkward. We took a vote and then drove off towards America.

The end.



About Sylvestris

Gamer, nerd, book worm, baker.
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